Soaper Duper

During a spot of Christmas shopping in Liberty last December I happened upon some bright green bottles of shower gel with an array of the freshest sounding flavours. Naturally I picked up a bottle to try and it has since become my favourite shower gel. Ever.

There are many reasons, besides the great scents, that I love this shower gel. It is very reasonable (£6.50 for 500ml) and a little goes a long way, a bottle will last for three months before showing signs of stopping. It also leaves my skin feeling extremely nourished; Soaper Duper promises at least 93% of naturally derived ingredients with every bottle.

Soaper Duper support WaterAid and Clean the World, both Charities aim to provide better hygiene to the poorest parts of the world where so many people’s lives are threatened by dirty water and bad sanitation.

Soaper Duper’s scents include: lemon (with fresh aloe and lime oil), ginger (with almond and lemon oil), green tuberose (with shea butter and coconut water), vanilla and shea and yuzufruit and fig (with shea butter also). Tuberose is the perfect pick me up in the morning and lemon (my favourite) leaves you feeling so fresh and so clean and is a glorious post workout/sweaty tube home fragrance.


Next on the list is the ginger and sea salt body scrub because a) it sounds delicious b) I LOVE ginger in anything and c) it’s on offer in Tesco.




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